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Aug 6, 2021

Luxury retail customers expect a bespoke service. And with smartphones in hand, they expect it online now too. Thomas Davis, International Digital Operations Director at Cartier, joined Rory Dennis on the MACH Alliance Podcast to discuss how Cartier have been accelerating digital, both internally and for customers, with engagement just as paramount as selling. Overview: Things have come a long way since Cartier’s beginnings in 1847. Now though, it’s time to do things differently. With a new generation of customers, digital-first customers, Cartier have been accelerating their digital strategy, trying to unlock their potential when it comes to not only selling but customer engagement. 

With Thomas Davis, International Digital Operations Director at Cartier, at the helm, Cartier have moved from a monolith to a MACH approach, liberating their data to be able to build experiences on top of it. Now, they can respond quickly to the “niche opportunities” that the luxury retail calendar works within.

Thomas spoke with Rory Dennis about how Cartier are working with MACH to not only build customer engagement but internal engagement through a range of digital initiatives that compliment Cartier’s existing physical networks.