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Jun 7, 2021

This episode of The MACH Alliance Podcast features Rainer Knapp, Global Director IT & Digital at Wolford. He talks with Sonja Keerl about creating omnichannel experiences using MACH, including how they overcame initial doubts from the board and scepticism around the project being financially viable.

Wolfords are a market leader in luxury skinwear with decades of innovation behind them. Boasting 250 boutique stores, over 3,000 trading partners and multiple digital channels, they feature in over 45 countries across the world. Needless to say they needed their infrastructure to support all their customers, wherever they are and however they shopped. The goal was a true and consistent omnichannel experience. 

Rainer Knapp, Global Director IT & Digital at Wolford, joined Sonja Keerl to discuss how they transformed their digital platforms, including how they managed to convince an initially doubtful supervisory board and how moving to MACH proved to be a better decision financially.