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Oct 12, 2021

LoveCrafts goal is to delight their customers. Held back by a monolith, they no longer wanted to say no to building things their customers love purely because of their technology. Halil Köklü, Chief Technology Officer at LoveCrafts, joined Rory Dennis on the MACH Alliance Podcast to discuss LoveCrafts move to MACH and its success so far.


LoveCrafts is a global community of makers. From finding inspiration, connecting with other crafters, and purchasing everything they need, customers from over 190 countries engross themselves in their world, and their digital platforms.

But as the business grew, their monolithic platforms couldn’t scale and keep up with them. So, with Halil Köklü, Chief Technology Officer at LoveCrafts, leading the way, they moved to a MACH approach. 

Halil joined Rory Dennis to discuss their migration methods, including setting timelines and KPIs for projects, weighing up internal versus external resourcing, and how they got management onboard.