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Aug 20, 2021

Not many digital teams can say they were driving real value and revenue throughout a pandemic while the business was also in administration. Well, Melanie Wasley and her team at Debenhams did – through MACH. Melanie spoke with Sonja Keerl on the MACH Alliance Podcast to discuss how they did it, and how their team setup was so crucial to their success.


With over 100 years of history, British department store Debenhams was heavily store focussed and risk adverse when it came to digital innovation. Then Melanie Wasley, who headed up digital products, and her team, turned to MACH. 

Taking it one use case at a time, they were fully headless before the pandemic hit and before the business went into administration. This meant they could react and were still able to drive revenue for the business. 

Melanie, now Digital Product Owner at Rapha, spoke with Sonja Keerl about how they got business buy in and critically how getting the right cross-functional team setup, and how empowering people, proved so valuable.